Odors & Enzymes


Lost that new boat smell? Have you ever wondered about odors, how they occur or how can you get rid of them? I know I have experienced the same thing myself and I have a nose like a bloodhound. I easily can smell unpleasant odors, most people can. It can be embarrassing. If you’ve narrowed the problem down to the bilge and head, you may want to try a product that uses enzymes to eliminate foul smells. Using enzymes is not like using a cleaner. There are very important directions to follow.

Enzymes have been around since the beginning of time. Commercially, they are used in hospitals, sewage plants, food processing plants and schools. Recently, manufacturers of marine products have recognized the importance of enzymes and are marketing enzyme formulas for use in holding tanks, heads, bilges and drains. Enzymes are proteins, which are produced by living organisms. They act as a catalyst to break down organic waste into soluble compounds that are then eaten by bacteria. Look at it this way, before you can eat beef you must cut it into small pieces in order to digest it. Enzymes help speed up bacterial growth, which in turn speeds the digestion of waste materials.

Bacteria both feed on and decompose waste materials. There is a family of enzyme/bacteria, each specially suited to seek out and destroy different materials. There are four main enzymes and they do the following:

  • Aid in the decomposition of plant tissues and fibers (paper)
  • Decompose fats and greases
  • Destroy protein and protein-like material.

All this means is, you can get positive results using enzymes that will help keep your drains free from germs and restore the biological balance of drains, grease traps, holding tanks, heads and bilges. Once the bacteria finish their meal of decomposing material they die and the smell is gone. If you establish a routine using enzyme products, you will eliminate undesirable odors and will have the added benefit of knowing that the waste is digested and your systems are stabilized. However, there are special problems associated with odors on wooden surfaces. Often, the wood has been saturated for years with oil or other odor-causing contaminants. t is very difficult to remove odors caused by this saturation. It will take a major effort to eliminate such a problem and enzymes are your best choice. Read the manufacturer’s directions and follow them to the letter. Use the product often, and enjoy the fresh, clean smell of your enzyme-charged environment.

Summing up the important points when using enzymes:

1. Enzymes are proteins produced by living organisms.
2. Enzymes break down organic waste into soluble compounds and eaten by bacteria.
3. Once the bacteria finish their meal they die and the smell is gone.
4. Since your dealing with living organisms it is easy to kill them.
5. pH between 7 (alkaline) to 12 (acidic) enzymes can survive.
6. Most bacteria are active in an environment of 90 to 100 F
7. Mix in warm water and use while warm, dispose of mixture when your finished using it. USE OFTEN.

Mermaid Products, Inc. has been considering including enzyme in dry form, as another quality product in our line. If there is an interest in this product please email and let us know. If you have experience using enzymes; good or bad we would like to hear from you.