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Odors & Enzymes

HOW DO I GET RID OF THAT SMELL!? Lost that new boat smell? Have you ever wondered about odors, how they occur or how can you get rid of them? I know I have experienced the same thing myself and I have a nose like a bloodhound. I easily can smell unpleasant odors, most people […]

Boat cleaning – tops and seats

 Article from Sea Magazine & Go Boating, by Carol Albanese How to clean outdoor fabric Dear Mermaid; We are very happy with our new Bimini and vinyl windows; however, I see around the stitching there is a little mildew. It is hard to remove because of the stitching and I really don’t know what to […]

Stop Bugging Me!

Dear Mer-maid: Do you have anything that will kill bugs and spiders? It is a losing battle. They leave their droppings all over our boat. We’ve tried boat washes, soft-scrub and even acetone, but nothing works. We hope you have some ideas!