About us

Mer-maid Products, Inc. (Mer-maids) was established in 1984 as Mer-maids Yacht Detailing & Maintenance. Growing quickly, Mer-maids became Seattle’s largest yacht detailing company. Keeping three or four crews of detailers productive had the company’s founder trying every available product on the market looking for those products that helped make the washing, waxing and detailing of boats more manageable and productive.

She found her staff spending inordinate amounts of time trying to get the clear vinyl windows on her customers boats clean. Available products had a number of short comings. After locating a chemist and after many failed attempts a formula was finally perfected that worked. It cleaned better than anything on the market, was easy to use and kept the vinyl windows looking better longer. The product, Mer-maid’s Plexiglas®/Plastic Cleaner & Polish did such a great job that customers began asking where to purchase the cleaner. One product lead to the next, each developed to fill a real need in the detailing business

Today Mer-maids continues to research and sell products of the highest quality. Our market is the Pacific Northwest where we enjoy great customer support and loyalty. If you have never heard of our products we are not surprised as we are still a small company without a large national advertising budget. Then again, we have received product inquires from all around the country. People have told us they acquired one of our products at the Seattle boat show or while on a trip through the Pacific Northwest or from a friend. Others have called us based on reading one of our how-to articles that appear in GO Boating or Sea magazine. No matter how you found us, we hope you find our site informative and that you feel confident in your purchase.