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April 7, 2013

Hi Carol – you wanted a few words about the Mer-maids Plastic Cleaner product. I ordered a 16oz bottle to give it a try on the recommendation of my canvas guy. I have several vinyl windows on my boat that are old (maybe 10 years or so), all of them stained with water streaks and other grime that regular washing wouldn’t remove. But this product is great! Sure a little elbow grease is needed, but the results are outstanding – those old windows look almost new again! I’ve ordered a gallon so I can finish what I started and am really looking forward to having windows I can clearly see through. I’ll be recommending this product to all my boater friends!

Ayme , San Francisco, CA.

Carol, I just received the Boat wash in the mail.  I used it on both my motorcycles and vehicles.  I’ve got to say that I was concerned and curious about trying the new product on my own gear.  Some products are pretty harsh to the finishes.  I’m very happy to report that the mermaid boat wash & wax did a great job on the finishes.  I’m very pleased.  I will continue to use the Plas Tech on my plastic and vinyl material and now the boat wash.  It would be great to see your products up in the north east especially in the motorcycle shops.

Thank you,


“I live in Victoria, British Columbia and have been using your Boat Wash with Carnauba Wax for most of this season. It helps keep our wax on longer and beads up when rinsing. I would like to buy more but can’t remember where I got the first bottle. Could you please help me find the closest dealer? Thanks! Scott ”

“I’m about ready to run out of some of your Mer-Maids Boat Wash and forgot where I had picked it up. By the way, I love the product; it is the best that I have ever used.”

“I wanted to let you know of a great use I just found for your plastic cleaner. We have a Hitachi Big Screen TV and the screen is a plastic material that is actually many fine vertical grooves. Over the last 9 years from having kids and dogs around it has gotten some oily spots on it. The manufacturer says NOT to use anything except a damp rag. Well obviously that wouldn’t remove the oil. I happened to think about the plastic cleaner the other day when I I was doing some annual “spring” cleaning and tried just a little on one area to test it. It didn’t seem to change the finish so I tried it on the whole screen and it did clean off the dirt and did not affect the plastic screen finish. ANOTHER great use for one of your awesome products!
Thanks, Sharry”