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Plas-Tec® Plastic Cleaner & Polish – 4oz


$4.75 (Excl. Tax)

Plas-Tec® was developed for use in the marine industry specifically, for cleaning and protecting vinyl, acrylic and polycarbonate windows. Exposure to salt spray, the deteriorating effects of the sun’s ultra-violate radiation and repeated cleanings shorten the useful life of these windows. Large expanse clear vinyl windows demanded a product that not only cleaned and protected the windows surface but also was economical and easy to use. Stepping back from a just cleaned vinyl window on a bright sunny day will often highlight a products shortcoming. Creams required excessive rubbing and buffing, often leaving streaks and swirls. Aerosols, although effective, are costly and none refillable; while common household cleaners, containing alcohol leach plastersizers, making windows cloudy and brittle, contributing to the window’s shortened life span.

That’s why I developed Plas-Tec®. Plas-Tec® is easy to use, cleans and shines while leaving a protective film that repels dirt, leaves no waxy build up and is anti static.

Plas-Tec® worked so well in my yacht detailing business that its popularity soon spread outside the marine environment. Customers started using the product on their cars, planes, motorcycles, computers, display cases, eyeglasses, even in their kitchens. Plas-Tec’s® cost effective and anti-static properties in combination with its ease of use even found its way into industry. Product testing and approvals by GE manufacturer of Lexan® and Atohaas manufacturer of Plexiglas® hastened Plas-Tec’s acceptance.

Features and Benefits
One step easy to use formula
Anti fog
Contains no ammonia or harsh chemicals
Restores optical clarity
Keeps vinyl windows supple
Protects against UV degradationApplicationsEyeglasses or Sunglasses (do not use on sunglasses with a reflective mirror like surface)
Convertible windows
Vinyl windows
Airplane windows
Motorcycle fairings
Laptop computers
Granite counter tops
Compact discs
Appliances (refrigerators)
Games (casino)
Golf Carts
Restaurant Supply (salad sneeze-guards and more)

SDS Sheet

Cost Comparison Ounces List Price/Oz.


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