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Boat Wash with 2% Carnauba Wax – 32oz


$13.50 (Excl. Tax)

We can’t begin to tell you how many times people would approach us at boat shows asking why after just having their boat waxed, water would no longer bead like it did. Conversation would usually elicit the fact that the boat owners favorite soap was a common dishwashing detergent. Dishwashing soap does a great job at removing grease, grime and wax. Customers, after spending good money having their boat waxed would unknowingly wash the wax off as fast as we could put it on!

Our Boat wash was developed specifically to meet the needs of our customers. A low sudsing mild soap formulation with 2% real carnauba wax.l. It removes the dirt without removing the wax. In fact regular use will maintain a wax finish. The proof will be in the water beading after every wash.

Got a really dirty job? Want to remove black streaks or prepare for a paste wax application? Use Mer-maids Serious Soap

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Features and Benefits:

      • 2% carnauba wax
      • Concentrated
      • Low sudsing formula
      • Ph neutral
      • Biodegradable


    • Anything that needs cleaning and waxing.



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